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Fatherlove Survey of King County Adults

Spring 2001


562 adult residents of King County; oversample to obtain responses from at least 200 fathers.


Telephone interviews with computer-assisted telephone interviewing technology.

Field period

April 19 2001 through July 31, 2001.

Data collection

Trained, professional interviewers made calls on weekdays, during the late afternoon and early evening.

Data notes

Sampling method was random digit-dialing, to achieve a random sample of King County households. This sampling method is generally accepted as a technique to representativeness. As the sample profile (next page) shows, respondents are distributed across race, income and geographic groups in proportions consistent with the population in King County. Males were purposively oversampled due to the nature of this study. However, a limitation of telephone sampling is that it excludes lower income residents without phones, and/or residents with other limitations such as low English language ability or hearing problems.

Father Love Survey Appenix:

FatherLove Survey of King County Adults

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