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What We Offer

In exchange for work or service, a parent visiting the locale where their child lives is provided a place to stay for a short amount of time.

Why Is This Needed?

When children live far away from a parent, traveling expenses for the parent to visit their children are often prohibitive. Motel rooms aren't conducive to sharing quality family time! Without the important personal connection of a homelike environment, visiting one's children in an unfamiliar place is often difficult.

The opportunity to spend quality time together renews the parent - child bond. Visiting a town without knowing another person is a serious challenge to almost anyone. Too often, this prevents the parent from visiting with their children. The Hospitality Exchange is a potential win for parents, hosts, communities and most importantly, the children of visiting parents.

Exchanging Services

If you are a parent in this situation and would like to be able to stay with your children in a welcoming, homelike environment when you visit, please post your request related to your needs and exchange of your (negotiated) services. (For example, services might include carpentry, cooking, or car repair.)

For those of you who sympathize with the plight of a parent wanting to stay connected to their children, and who would be willing to offer a guest room, hide-away bed, or other accommodation, please post your hospitality offer.

Initiating Contact

It is the responsibility of the individual hosts' and visitors' to initiate contact with each other. FatherLove only provides the hospitality offers and requests. We recommend that you work out clear terms of exchange (e.g. a room for a night in exchange for some carpentry work). Please be clear whether you are offering or expecting to receive breakfast, rides, information or other hospitality services.

To use the Hospitality Exchange, you must read and agree to the Disclaimer below, then click the button.


FatherLove is not responsible for the arrangements you make through contacts listed on this website. We do not investigate the people who use the service; you are responsible for determining how much you can trust others. By using this information, you agree not to hold FatherLove or its officers or agents responsible for any results of the contact(s) you initiate.


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