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Information fathers want

“I would like some sort of standards for fathering, the basic structure about how to be a complete father.”

“Learning the psychology - how to develop your kids and create a good learning atmosphere.”

“How to partner with my spouse on how to raise kids.”


Do fathers in King County feel they have adequate information about fathering?

  • Most (75%) of the 201 fathers thought they have enough information about fathering.
  • 50 men (25% of fathers) said they would like more information about (in rank order):
    • Communication between father & child
    • Discipline, setting boundaries
    • Child development for different age groups
    • How to handle teenagers
    • Children’s dating/sexual relationships
    • Children’s substance abuse or depression
    • Resources for single parents


Survey Respondent' Suggestions
"... we need to be more vigilant about providing and advertising parenting classes for all young people"

Comments that respondents wanted survey sponsors to hear
"Support systems for fathers need to change because the current system is unfair; more programs are needed."

Survey Respondent' Suggestions
"I think that they should start from the root of the problem which is birth control and then figure out what to do for the father."


Who do fathers turn to for advice about fathering?

Response Percentage of Fathers
Parents or other family members 32%
No-one 18%
Friends 15%
Wife/child's mother 12%
Other 9%
Faith organizations 7%
Parenting class or support group 3%
Books & magazines 3%
Community organizations 0.5%


FatherLove Survey of King County Adults

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