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Services for fathers

The fatherlove survey asked, "Do you know of programs or services specifically for fathers, to help them create & maintain healthy connections w/ their children?"

  • Only 36 (18%) of the 201 fathers* responding to the survey could name such services
  • 8 had actually attended a program
  • Of all 298 parents* in the sample, 95 respondents (32%) could name a program

* parents of children less than 18 years of age


Survey Respondent' Suggestions
"In our society the importance of the father's role has been minimized along with the fathers rights. The role of the father should be promoted."

Comments that respondents wanted survey sponsors to hear
"Good survey - glad you did it, this will be useful."


What services do fathers use?

  • Many of the programs named were not actually programs for fathers
  • Some of the father programs named:
    • Classes for expectant fathers offered through local hospitals
    • Indian Princesses & Indian Guides
    • Churches “Only church offers these classes in my experience.”
    • Family centers
    • Head Start


FatherLove Survey of King County Adults

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