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A Father's Importance

The FatherLove survey of King County adults collected opinions about the importance of fathers' involvement in the early years of their children's development.


What is the importance of a fathers role?

Majority of respondents strongly agreed that:
children need their fathers to be active in raising them, especially when very young 73%
it’s just as important for fathers as mothers to pay attention to children’s emotions, esp. sadness or anxiety 86%


What is one of the most the important things a father can do for his children?
...to be there, provide support and encouragement in the child's development. In some cases, physical or financial support, in other cases emotional support, depends on the particular circumstances, men can do both these days.

Survey Respondent' Suggestions
"I would think that publishing the results of this survey for public awareness would be good."

Comments that respondents wanted survey sponsors to hear
"Support systems for fathers need to change because the current system is unfair; more programs are needed."

What is one of the most the important things a father can do for his children?
Teach them about life. Teach them skills they can use all through their lives.


What is the most important thing a father can do?

Category of comment Dads All
Be there 28% 19%
Love them 14% 12%
Spend time with them 11% 11%
Be involved in their lives 10% 10%
Good communication (listen, pay attention, communication) 5% 7%
Role model 8% 7%
Participate actively in their lives 7% 7%
Teach & guide them 5% 6%
Emotional connection /support 1.5% 4%
Provide financial support 1.5% 2%
Love their mom/stay with their mother 2% 2%
Spiritual leadership 1.5% 1.8%
Provide discipline 1.5% 1%


Fathers involvement with their children at home

  • Divorce separates children from their fathers
  • Present in the household does not mean involved
Survey Question:
In the past 7 days, have you…
Percentage of fathers with children in this age group who answered 'yes'
Read to your preschooler? 91%
Worked with your elementary school-aged child in household chores like cooking, cleaning, setting the table or caring for pets? 88%
Been responsible for the daily care of your baby? 84%
Talked with one or more of your high school-aged child's friends for five minutes or more? 65%
Helped your middle school-aged child with school/homework? 40%


Comments that respondents wanted survey sponsors to hear
"Fathers are important in children's development."

What is one of the most the important things a father can do for his children?
Be consistent, be loving, respect the child, be available to participate in their lives.

Survey Respondent' Suggestions
"... programs for the father should be more readily avaialable, especially at the community level, where the people are."

Comments that respondents wanted survey sponsors to hear
"It's important for fathers to spend time with their kids."



Do fathers have an important impact on the well-being of a child?

Three questions about the importance of fathers in enhancing children’s well-being Strongly agree
self-confidence 86%
school performance 48%
avoiding risky behavior
(drugs, alcohol, early sexual activity)


Do King County children have actively involved fathers?

2000 King County Statistics:
  • 19% of family households have no father present (38,571 households)
  • 22.8% of all births (5035) were to single mothers
  • 1,965 babies (8.7% of all births) born did not have the father listed on their birth certificate


    FatherLove Survey of King County Adults

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