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Articles by Craig Scott Brooke-Weiss

Craig is a daddy to his son Levi and Director of FatherLove, a non-profit organization, seeking to connect fathers. Craig has rearranged his life to spend more time with Levi, collect information on resources for fathers, and create FatherLove. This index lists several of his articles:

Index of Articles

Title #1
Fathers' Involvement in Children's Lives: How Dads Impact Risk and Protective Factors For Healthy Child Development
Research summary: How does the presence or absence of a Father in a child's life impact his/her social behavior and tendency toward risky behavior...,

Title #2
Holding Levi's Hand
Summary: Craig's personal journey into fatherhood and how it has changed him...,
Seattle M.E.N. Magazine, July 1996.

Title #3
Men as Nurturers
Summary: Craig describes the personal reward and benefits to children of manly acts of nurture and love...,
Everyman, June 1999.

Title #4
Fathering as a Spiritual Practice
Summary: Craig speaks of his own spiritual journey, enabled through his fatherhood experiences...,
Alternatives for Cultural Creativity, March 1999.

Title #5
Book Review: Will Glenon's "Fathering: Strengthening Connection with your Children No Matter Where You Are
Summary: Craig's Review of Will Glennon's Book
Men's Voices Journal, Spring 1998.

Title #6
Talent Shows and Irreplaceable Fathers,
MAVIA Newsletter, Autumn 1998.

NYAEC Brochure: Involving Men in the Lives of Children

Title #7
Involving Men in the Lives of Children, poster
Summary: You can order this poster from National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). With compelling photos and quotes from fathers and other men, this brochure (which unfolds into a poster) speaks to schools, early childhood programs, employers, communities, and families about the difference strong male involvement makes in children’s lives and offers ways to support it.
Single copies of this brochure, order #593, are $0.50 each, 100 copies are $10.
Address: 1509 16th Street, Washington, DC 20036-1426
Phone: 202.232.8777 or 800.424.2460 FAX 202.328.1846,
NAEYC Website

Title #8
Books for Adults: "Fatherhood" pamphlet
King County Library, August 1998.

Title #9
Involving Fathers

Title #10
Standing In The Fire

Copyright © 2000 Craig Scott Brooke-Weiss

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