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2001 Father of the Year Essay Contest

Teacher: Mrs. Sue High
School: Mattson Junior High School
City: Kent

Ever since I can remember, my dad has done everything in his power to give me and my brother the best life possible. Right now he has to take two jobs just to make ends meet. He washes windows from about 7:00 AM until about 2:00 PM, then switches uniforms and does a setup job from then until who knows when. Then on weekends he does residential jobs and tries to come and see us at least once a week.

Despite the fact I don't see him as often as I would really like, I think I still have a great relationship with him. I can always rely on him for advice, anything from help with sports to help with school. He always offers to help me with homework, even if he doesn't understand it. I also like being able to talk to him about acting. Because he used to be an actor before my mom had me, and lately I've been starting to act in my free time. If I'm ever having trouble with some part, he can give me advice. We also tell each other jokes and can talk about everything.

Unfortunately, my dad's birthday is today and he has to work today, but we celebrated it yesterday. It's very obvious he is a very devoted dad. I know a lot of people who would never work on their birthdays. I am sort of doing this as a birthday present to him, and to say thank you for everything he has done for me. I'm not really that interested in winning anything, I just think he should be recognized for everything he's done and will do in the future. The one thing I would like to see more of in our relationship though, is actually my dad himself.