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2001 Father of the Year Essay Contest

School: Denny Middle School
Teacher: Ms. Breanna Johnson
City: Seattle

Technically, the man whom I call "Dad" isnít my blood father. I am adopted. My birth mother was just barely 17 when she had me. She had very little money, and was totally out on her own. Her boyfriend was all she had. When we heard that she was expecting, he was out the door. He left her, with nothing except the clothes on her back and a child to-be. Is that what you people call a dad? I donít. My birth mom knew she couldnít provide a good life for me, full of opportunities like now, and she wanted what was best for me. So, she put me up for adoption.

I have never felt like I was "thrown away and unwanted" because of being put up for adoption. I have seen nothing but love from my dad. I know he is my true father, when he gives me that look full of pride, whenever he sees me smile.

My dad, my real dad, is truly the best father a girl could have. Some people say, "Thatís not your dad!" But let me ask you this: Isnít a dad a person who loves you without limitations? Through the good times, and the bad? Isnít a dad a special kind of guy that protects you, who always sticks up for you, with out fail? Isnít a dad the man who provides for you everything he can, without even once being selfish? If not, then I donít know what to tell you. Thatís what Loren is to me, and so much more. And what I do know is that he will always be my daddy, and I will always love him unconditionally forever.