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2001 Father of the Year Essay Contest

School: Holy Family
Teacher: Ms. Nancy McDonnell
City: Seattle, WA

My father meant a lot to me, but now that heís gone I miss him so much. You never know how much a Father means to you until you loose him. My father was the best. I mean he organized all our family parties, Christmas, Birthdays, etc. (Holidays), but now that heís gone we donít have many parties anymore and when we do theyíre boring, itís just not the same. We always had fun when he was around. Anyways Iíll tell you how he died. We went to a Sweet 15 party and we were on our way home when some gangsters (13) - hit our suburban once, and later again, finally he got off to ask them for their insurance when one of the guys started stabbing him with his knife and the other guy was hitting my dad, the two guys were brothers, and they had 3 girls in the car. I have 4 sisters, 16 year old, Lupe, 14 year old, Sandra, 6 year old, Yuriana, 3 year old, Daisy. Iím in the middle, 12 years old. This happened in the year 1999 of August 22nd.

I still remember every detail that night. Guess what we all saw this happened. My mom and my bigger sister got off to try to push the guys away from my dad. I stayed with my sisters until the guys left. What makes me mad is that there were cars passing by and they wouldnít stop and help, when my sister Sandra was screaming help. This happened so quick, but it seemed as if it went on for hours. My dad was stabbed 7 times. He was a strong man, but my dad wasnít violent, he worked in construction. My mom said she felt him die in her arms. The doctors told us he died on the way to the hospital. I believe my mom. We went to court for about 4-5 weeks in the month of September. When we were starting school, that was a lot of pressure for me. They were found guilty and one got 17 Ė 20 years, he was the one that had the weapon. The brother that helped him, do this to my dad got 13 Ė 17 years. One thing I remember and always will remember are his last words, "take care of the girls" and "I canít take it anymore." I love him and no one can make things better again, with out him. I know this is a lot to ask but can you just give my essay some consideration. I have nothing to remind me of my father and that would give me a small award. It does not have to be much or maybe, just a paper, in appreciation of my dad. Thank you!!