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2001 Father of the Year Essay Contest

School: Timbercrest Junior High
Teacher: Mrs. Sue Russell
City: Woodinville

My father, heís a wise one at that, works long hours and suffers through too many boring meetings. No matter how tired he is when he trudges through that garage door, he has a half smile on his face and I realize what a great dad I have. In my eyes he is not a half-empty glass kind of guy. Even after a long day, heíll encourage me as I take a swing at a baseball or scratch my head over a math problem. Heíll make me laugh by putting his head out the window and sing at the top of his lungs. Heíll also teach me things that school never could, like how to make perfect chocolate chip pancakes or how to trouble shoot our old troublesome computer.

My dad, Tim Frazier, grew up the youngest of three. With a dad in the military, he moved quite a lot, but rather than complain he just go good at meeting and making friends everywhere. By the time he sailed into UCLA and majored in economics, he met my mother. On August 3rd, 1988, I was born at the tail end of a large family, just like him. My dad knew right then I was specialóor so he tells me. He says every time I walk into the room it all of a sudden brightens up. He admires my ambition to learn and the care I show for others. Nevertheless, Iím proud to say, Iím certain I got these very traits from him.

As I grow up, I appreciated his love more and more. What other dads could have four teens under their roofs and still be smiling? He is my friend, my teacher, my cheerleader, my comedian, but best of all, heís my dad.