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2001 Father of the Year Essay Contest

School: Soos Creek Elementary
Teacher: Mrs. Joanne Demarinis
City : Des Moines

My dad is the best dad a kid could have. He does all the things a dad is supposed to do. He tells me all of the things he has learned. How could I remember all that stuff? What I don't think my dad knows is, I am watching. My dad is not only my hero, he is lots of people’s hero. I really try to remember this when he misses my soccer games or doesn’t show up. When I do see him I try not to show my disappointment and anger. On March 7th, 2001, I did not see my Dad before school and I was disappointed. My dad is a fireman; I used to think

his job was more important to him than I was. That morning, he spent the night with officer Steve Underwood. Officer Underwood was killed. My dad knew and worked with him. I could tell how sad he was for not saving him. I learned that Officer Underwood’s son wasn’t ever going to see his dad again. My dad talks about his dad more, he died when I was a baby. He talks about his memories and the ones Officer Steve’s son won’t have. What I learned that day changed my life.

My dad can’t throw: it would embarrass me if he did. But, if he won money it would go to Officer Steve’s son, so his son would know he was his dad’s hero. My Dad is my hero, he does more than fight fires, bring honor and pride to fire district 26 and me. He is the best person that everyone should hear about. I am listening Dad.