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2001 Father of the Year Essay Contest

School: Emerald Park Elementary
Teacher: Mr. Bob Johnson
City: Kent

My aquired dad is the greatest dad ever. I’ve been with him for 6 years. I’ve always wanted to be just like him and I still do. My aquired dad is very smart. I think he so smart. I think he is the smartest person I know.

We spend time together just him and me. We go fishing and we don’t come home until I catch a fish. We sit in our boat and make up jokes.

Before we get out in the water he buys his beef jerky and my drink and whatever snack I choose.

At the end of the day after our family prayer, my aquired dad always makes sure I’m tucked into bed each night. I know he will always be there to keep me secure.

I know he will always be there when I need him or ever if I have a school program like drama or band. He comes into our family and took us into his own. I have a younger brother and sister and he treats me as if I was his own. NO child is better than the other.

My aquired dad taught me many things like don’t lie cheat, and don’t do drugs, to be kind to every one, even though they don’t like me.

He should be Father of the Year because he will say I am his child because he is committed to me. He always makes sure I am not miserable, His name is Michael E. Powers, the best Father of the Year.