Fatherlove - Keeping Fathers Connected

2001 Father of the Year Essay Contest
School: Soos Creek Elementary
Teacher: Mr. Gabriel Brooks
City: Kent

There are many things that make me think of my Grandpa Mills/

Grandpa has cherry-red cheeks and a freckled, bald head, Reddish-white, bushy eyebrows, and a round, watermelon belly. Grandpa Mills is about as tall as my mom. 5 foot or something.

Grandpa wears checkered shirts, slip-on shoes, and a tractor hat when he is at home working around his house.

He always asks us kids when we come to visit "Did you varmints bring your pajamas?" Then he slaps his knee and says, "Oh Good!"

My Grandpa has a sweet tooth. He always asks us if we want a piece of black licorice, but itís really not my favorite.

He is always working in the garden with grandma, and when we leave their house we bring home bags of fresh vegetables to eat. He always tries to feed us fresh peeled garlic!! Stinky!!!

Grandpa Mills makes me a horse barn in his workshop for my play horses and he is going to help me cut out my own birdhouses too. He loves to work in his shop and when I go into the shop it always smells like pine trees!

I always ask if we can go get the mail because we take his golf cart an I get to ride in the back.

Grandpa Mills takes us fishing in the paddle boat on the lake. I sit in the front and Grandpa does most of the fishing, but I donít mind.

On sunny days, grandpa lays under a shady tree in his yard and watches us swim in the lake. But usually he falls asleep, and mom and grandma watch us.

My grandpaís 80th birthday is coming up soon, and I hope he stays around until one day when I decide to have children, theyíll be able to love my cherry-cheeked, watermelon-belly grandpa as much as me.