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2001 Father of the Year Essay Contest
School: St. Mark Catholic School
Teacher: Mrs. Maria Lersch
City: Shoreline

New Beginning ~ Happy Ending

When I was merely a year old, my mother had to make a courageous decision to leave my biological father in order to protect us both from a very abusive situation. I donít really remember much, but I do know that I was always loved and cared for by my mom. Years passed without a dad, and I would think about what it would feel like to have one. Seeing and hearing how my friends would have the greatest time doing neat things with their dads always left me feeling a bit sad and lonely.

Then my mother met a wonderful man who changed everything. Heís so cool, even though he has a little accent and heís not the same color as me.

I remember one day he took me to Funtasia. We spent the whole day there, riding bumper cars, playing air hockey, eating pizza and feeling how cool it was to just hang out with a great man, who is going to be my DAD!

I always feel safe with him because he is so big and strong. We have our moments and get into disagreements, but as he always tells me, itís in my best interest. We are planning a super wedding and I will take part in this great celebration this August. Iím lucky to have a dad like him. Waiting 10 years is a long time. But having someone special who will be my hero, laugh at my jokes, dry my tears, give me high five at my games, and just knowing in my hear that I have a dad who will be there for me was worth the wait. He is the perfect DAD to ME!!!