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2001 Father of the Year Essay Contest
School: Meridian Elementary
Teacher: Mrs. Kay Bailey
City: Kent

I donít need to win a contest to know my dad is the best there is, he proves it to me everyday with his kindness and generosity. Not only is my dad generous with his time but also with his heart. Family is very important to my dad. I think thatís what makes him such a great father.

A year and a half ago, when I was 9 years old, we found out that I have Type 1 Diabetes. I stayed in Childrenís Hospital for three days because my blood sugar was way high to high! While the doctors and nurses tried to regulate my blood sugar, my dad spent time learning all he could about diabetes.

He went to all the classes offered by the hospital where he learned how to mix my insulin, how to give me shots, and learn more and more about my disease. He also spent a lot of time with the Nutritionist to learn what I can eat and what I canít and making the schedule of the certain times I had to eat my meals and have a snack. Most people would think thatís enough, but at night my dad would go home to take care of my sister and read more books then come home to take care of my sister and read more books, then come back the next day and ask the doctor more questions.

When I was released from the hospital he had all the Christmas decorations up even though it was the end of November and had got me 12 Pokemon packs! Then he had all our friends and family come over to take a long class on what to do to take care of me. He made everyone give him a shot to make sure when they were ready to do the shot for me that it didnít hurt!

Most of the time my dad is like any other dad, he helps me with my homework, coaches all my sports teams and fixes everything I break. But all of the time my dad shows extra love and support which keeps me happy and shows me he cares. Iím lucky to have such a dad!