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2001 Father of the Year Essay Contest
School: Enatai Elementary
Teacher: Mrs. Chun

City: Bellevue, Washington

My name is Hillary Adams. I live with my dad Dale in a house in Bellevue. My dad means a lot me, because when I am building a toy for my doll or when I am shooting hoops just for fun, he will come outside and help me. Using the skills he taught me, I can shoot with my left and right hand. I can run up and shoot off the backboard, and I am much better than when I started.

My dad loves to take me out on his C-Dory boat, and go to Canada to catch some crab and shrimp for salads. He likes to take me up to my grandparents house up in Oregon. For example, on my seventh birthday, he got me a beautiful Muffy collector’s piano. It really plays soft music that is relaxing and soft to your ears. My dad has taken me to special places. When I was 8 months old, he took me to Hawaii. I went to the Black Sand Beach and I saw a real volcano explode in front of my very own eyes.

I think my dad should win, because he is kind, thoughtful, and he is very special. My dad should win, because he is always thinking of everyone else before himself.

Thank you for listening to my letter about my dad. I hope my dad wins, but if he doesn’t, I am still proud of him. I love him still.