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2001 Father of the Year Essay Contest

Teacher: Mrs. King
School: Lea Hill Elementary
City: Auburn, Washington

My Dad

My dad is very special to me. I love him a lot and I know the loves me to. My dad lets me know that he loves me all the time and I would never want that to change no mater how old I get.

My dad spends a lot of time with us. He works very hard at two different jobs, but he always finds time with us. He helps me with my homework, he helps me on my scouting, and just spends time just messing around.

Last summer we went on a trip to Wyoming for a family reunion. While we were driving it was very hot and I got car sick some of the time. It was fun during the trip because my dad spent the time helping spot different kinds of animals and telling us story as we drove. He helped us get lots of truckers to honk their horns.

We also went to a Marinerís game last summer. I got to sit next to my dad. Even though he loves base ball he spent the game explained everything to me. He didnít complain when I had to go to the bathroom almost every inning. He told me all about the players and their positions. I know Iím important to my dad. He works very hard for my family and I appreciate it very much. He even makes working in the yard or on the house fun. He also makes good dinners and he lets me help him cook. He teaches me all about the woods when we go camping and helps me ride better on our horse. Every one should be as lucky as I am and have a dad like mine.