Fatherlove - Keeping Fathers Connected

2001 Father of the Year Essay Contest
Teacher: Mrs. Wenguard
School: St. Mark Catholic School
City: Shoreline

My dad is like a guardian angel to me. He is always there whenever I get hurt. Whenever he is by my side, I never feel lonely or scared.

I like it when he takes me to my basketball games because he cheers me on, and at the end of the game he says I did an excellent job. Sometimes he comments on how I played and that makes me feel very special.

One time he took my three brothers, six sisters and me to the park. We played with the football we brought and we swung on the swings. When he was on the swing, sometimes he went high up in the air and jumped off and landed on his feet. That to me is cool about my dad. My dad really keeps himself healthy by going to the gym every day and going outside to get fresh air for a couple of hours. He eats lots of vegetables and fruit.

I think my dad would win the best dad contest, if there were one. I am going to be just like my dad because he is a kind, truthful, and loving person. I wish that I could see him more often during the day because he doesn’t come home until six or seven. I think my dad is the best dad in the world.