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2001 Father of the Year Essay Contest

School: Maple Valley Christian School
Teacher: Miss Darla Swanson
City: Renton

My dad us special to me because he brings me on bike rides and brings me to the fair. Heís also special to me because he brings me to the zoo. My father helps me build things like bird houses and balsa wood airplanes. My dad takes our whole family to the park and we play hide and seek. My dad teaches me the difference between right and wrong which is important because if he didnít, then I would think that everything is OK to do. Not everything is IK to do because God wants us to do right things and it makes God sad if we do wring things. My dad helps me with baseball and tells me that I am a good player and have a good arm. My dad is never mean to me which is good because if he was mean to me, then I would probably learn to be mean to other people. My dad buys us movies and pops and pizzas on Friday nights. My dad likes to spend time with our whole family all together because we are a family and he loves us all. My dad likes to spend a lot of time with me and it makes me feel loved and special to him. My dad is fun and silly and he makes me laugh real hard when we play games. I love my dad very much and when I grow up I want to be a nice dad just like him.