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2001 Father of the Year Essay Contest
School: Federal Way High
Teacher: Mrs. Pam Ashbe
City: Federal Way

My father is someone who has been there for me my whole life. He is one of the few people I can count on. There was never a time he hasnít been there for me. NO matter what it is he supports me. Whether itís sports, social life, or education it doesnít matter.

As far as sports my father has supported me in bowling in a league for ten years. Heíll come and coach me or cheer me on.

My dad was an overprotective parent while I was growing up so I never really had a social life. He was just a parent learning to let go. He always told I ever get in trouble I could go to him. "There nothing I havenít done already" he says. He is letting me learn form my own mistakes.

Iím not the brightest student in school and he knows that. He only wants me to try. He says he only made it through school because of sports and he wants me to be better than that. He harps on me about my grades to keep me in line. Itís how he supports me to get a good education.

My father and I havenít been able to go out lately. We used to go out camping, baseball games, or even just throw the ball. We never do anything anymore he says we canít afford it. Whether we go out or not doesnít matter. It is more that we spend time together. He is, and always will be my father and I love him unconditionally. He is my best bud. He may not be everyone elseís ideal dad, but I love him just the way he is.