Fatherlove - Keeping Fathers Connected

2001 Father of the Year Essay Contest
School: Federal Way High School
Teacher: Mr. Leon Hatch
City: Federal Way

So many kids dream of having a father, a father who is always there for them. A father who will throw the ball with them. One who will take them to a baseball game, and eat cotton candy. Well I知 not one of those kids. I have one of the coolest dads that a kid can have.

My father means the most to me, along with my mothers because he痴 always there when I need him. If my car breaks down we値l put it up on the lift and take a look at it. If I知 bored we値l kick the soccer ball around or play a little catch with the baseball. If some things bothering me we will talk it out and fix it. Sometimes my father and I will sit at the dinner table and just talk about anything all night, whether it痴 about the Mariners game, hunting, or school.

One of my favorite things about my dad is that he値l make me work for things that I want. These are a lot of parents who do everything and buy everything for their kids, but that won稚 teach them what to expect when they live out on their own. Now I know how to earn money, make spaghetti, fix simple things on a car. And best of all take care of myself.

I may not show it to him all the time, but my dad is truly the most wonderful person that I have ever known and I知 sure he値l always be that person.